Sheila The Boyfriend Steala

by Tommy Marcinek

Musical style: Dance/Club Music

You are about to enter the world of Sheila. She's out to steal your boyfriend, so you better hang on to your man! Enjoy this up-tempo Dance tune, which is based on a real person, whose "real" name will remain changed to protect the innocent. :-)

It's Destiny

by Tommy Marcinek

Musical Style: Ballad/Love Song

This is a love song with a haunting melody, lush background vocals, a silky smooth acoustic guitar solo, strings, and some cool percussion. It has an intimate feel and is very romantic. I hope you like it. :-)

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Happy Blues (Blues/Jazzy Blues style)

by Tommy Marcinek

Musical Style: Blues/Jazzy Blues

This song is a happy blues! Contradictory? Not really. Take a listen and you'll see. THIS blues will make you happy, not sad. Special guest on this one is my friend and stellar organist Jerry Mack.

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My Childhood Sweetheart

by Tommy Marcinek

Musical Style: Oldies genre/Doo Wop

This song is in honor of, and dedicated to, my parents. They've recently celebrated their 60th Anniversary! This is the TRUE STORY of their lives and how they were indeed childhood sweethearts. It tells their story, in first-person, from my father's point of view. Special guests: Jim Perry on the Tenor Saxophone and MariaLena singing with me on the background vocals. Enjoy!

All songs from my CD entitled "Just The Beginning"

Just The Beginning

by Tommy Marcinek

Musical Style: Multi-genred/Various Styles

Here's my CD "Just The Beginning" which includes songs in various music styles, ranging from Dance, to Disco, Rock, Middle Eastern & BellyDance, Latin, ballad, instrumentals - you name it. You can download the entire CD or just the individual songs you like. PLEASE SCROLL DOWN TO SEE ALL THE DETAILS ABOUT THE RECORDING AND SPECIAL GUESTS. Thanks and enjoy!

Here are the specific details of the CD "Just The Beginning" . . .  


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